Thursday, February 12, 2009

Going, going...

Up early since I wasn't sleeping anyway. Keep going through in my head - camera, laptop, chargers, books, favorite pen, sunglasses, passport (biggie), water the plants, throat lozenges, sensible shoes (hee hee) - over and over.

Yesterday, I was listening to an audio book written and read by Amy Tan entitled "The Opposite of Fate". It's a series of personal essays and she comes across as being a bit spacey, yet quite a world traveler. I figure she must forget things (not just material things) when she travels, though she manages quite well. Gives me hope.

My host called yesterday to personally answer some of the multiple questions I have been emailing him these last couple weeks. I was concerned. He'd written to say I was scheduled to lecture / perform for "2 hours" this coming Sunday evening for faculty and students at the University. I'm thinking - what am I going to talk about for 2 hours and who is going to still be listening? (and yes, Mom, whatever I say, I will say it loud enough for everyone to hear me)

Well, the 'talk' I put together (including some poetry) timed in at about 20 minutes. Okay, only 100 more minutes to fill. Hope there are a lot of questions.

He told me yesterday though, there will be 2 Arab poets speaking with me. Phew! I would have liked their names to google them, but at least I won't have to stand up there by myself and sing karaoke or anything.

Leaving shortly for a 2 hour drive to Miami International and flying out this afternoon. Brought my own pillow and hope to sleep all the way to London. Sweet dreams-


  1. Bon Voyage! I'm already excited reading about your flights and hotels! I'm looking forward to keeping up with your work and travels. Good luck with the keys...

  2. Happy Trails E. Thanks for doing this so I can enjoy vicariously - without the worry of forgetting my necessaries - a curse we share. Looking forward to your pic picks.

  3. Bonnie-
    I misplaced my house/car keys 3 times before leaving. Arghhhhh
    I think (at least at this point) that I have with me what is necessary (plus a bunch of unnecessary). Everyone here has been gracious and allowed me my US fumbles. I am speaking at the University tomorrow evening and hopefully, they will continue to be gracious :) E