Saturday, February 14, 2009


Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head...been done.

Anyway, woke up after about 12 hours sleep. It's 6pm here in Dubai and right now, except for the many different languages being spoken around me, I could be at a Hilton in the US.

My room is large and clean, with a beautiful little patio off the back looking out onto a grassy area (right now, several children are out there cartwheeling, arguing about whose is better, or I think that is what they are probably talking about) and beyond that, a pool. I was a bit surprised at the bikinis and skin, but being a tourist hotel...

The weather is perfect (in the 70's) and I can smell some kind of herb in the air all around me. It actually reminds me of my Italian grandmother (Nonie) and I can't think why. If it was basil, I'd know why. It is pungent and comforting, being this far from home.

Including some photos. The pool is obvious. The other is where I'm staying (in the middle). The staff here has been gracious and I've been trying out my completely limited Arabic phrasing with them - Shookran (phonetic) means "Thank you"

Shookran (accompanied by a smile) seems to cover how I feel to be here.



  1. Glad you're safe and sound. Great pics, looking forward to hearing more!(is it like another planet?)

  2. No, not at all like another planet. Lot's of sand and black abayas though. And many cranes mark the horizon. I have not yet been to Dubai proper and am told it is just like NYC. I'll get a better feel for the local culture on Thursday and Friday. Friday is a religious day and most shops, etc are closed. I do not have a car (and wouldn't want to drive here anyway, they are nuts on the road - worse than NYC), so I haven't gotten out much yet, except to the University. I'm looking forward to experiencing more soon.

  3. Elizabeth,
    You are so privileged to have this opportunity! What an experience! And I muse that these students may remember you for the rest of their lives -- especially since this may be their one and only chance to study poetry from an American.

  4. I need that beautiful sun and wonderful pool. be safe. lots of love